Gionee A326 Flip Phone Released with better battery

Gionee A326 Flip Phone Introduction

Gionee mobile phone announced new products, known as the continuation of the classic, excellence, launched a new model of the clamshell style – Gionee A326. In the slogan, the “gold quality, the world” is still used.

The hard square appearance, open and close, full of mature style. What is the Gionee A326 in terms of appearance and hardware configuration?

Appearance, Gionee A326 chose the dark color as the main color, highlighting the noble and steady temperament; folding flip cover not only reduces the size of the mobile phone, easy to carry, more in line with the momentum of business people in the palm of the hand to grasp the overall situation.

On the hardware, it supports dual card dual standby and long standby. Gionee mobile phone said that it will bring better craftsmanship, better user experience and more reliable quality to users.

According to Gionee

Change is the configuration, the constant is the quality. In the same large-screen full-screen mobile phone, the Gionee A326 is unique and individualized. The separation of the on-screen keyboard is more in line with the needs of business people. The classic clamshell design can bring higher work efficiency.

The update is technology, and the reservation is initial. The A326 flip phone made by Gionee is the pursuit of technological innovation, and it is the first stick to the product. Nowadays, with the popularity of touch-screen large-screen smartphones, we still retain our original intentions, satisfy the feelings of niche markets, and strive for the best.

Gionee A326 flip phone all side view gold Color

In terms of price of Gionee A326 flip phone, the device is listed on JD mall for reservation at 298 Yuan ( about 3000₹ INR ).

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