Xiaomi Explains Space Compression On CC9 Pro

Xiaomi CC9 Pro super telephoto lens shooting

Xiaomi CC9 Pro super telephoto lens shooting

Xiaomi officially released the new CC9 Pro earlier, which uses a set of five rear camera module. In addition to the common wide-angle, super wide-angle lens, it also has a super telephoto lens that can achieve 10x hybrid zoom. At the same time, the photos taken by the ultra-long-focus lens will give people a unique “space compression”. This Xiaomi mobile phone official today introduced the principle of this “space compression” through Weibo.

According to the official, the telephoto lens can achieve space compression in addition to the camera that can’t be photographed before. For the space compression effect, the official picture is introduced to you in detail:

diagram of different focal lengths when shooting ( figure 1 )

Xiaomi’s Official Explanation

Everyone must know about the wide-angle, super wide-angle lenses that are common to mobile phones, and how to use them to create great photos. In addition to these common lenses, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro also features an ultra-long-focus lens with up to 10x hybrid zoom.

For a telephoto lens, the average user may understand that the far object is “zipped”, just like the telescope, the picture that was not previously photographed is taken. But you may not know that the telephoto lens has a powerful function when shooting portraits, that is, space compression.

What is space compression ?

The picture above (figure 1) shows the different focal lengths when shooting. Among them, the person and the background are fixed, and the focal length of the lens is changed.

When the lens is at 28mm, the wide-angle lens can capture more picture elements, and the background is only a very small part in the picture, so it looks very far.

When we don’t change the proportion of the characters in the picture, but replace the longer-focus lens, we can only move backwards with the camera, such as 50, 135, 200mm; the longer the focal length of the lens, the farther we need to retreat. At the same time, the longer the lens will lead to the narrower field of view, the narrower the field of view, the smaller the background can accommodate, and all the content we capture will be squeezed into this narrow picture, naturally appearing long Focal compression.

Also shooting portraits, we use super wide-angle, wide-angle, mid-focus, and telephoto segments. What are the differences between these shots when shooting people?

Please see the animation:

Different type of portrait shooting

In the above two examples, we used a super wide-angle, wide-angle, and telephoto lens to shoot people of the same size and at the center of the screen. It is obvious that the background is constantly changing. At the wide-angle end, the separation of the character from the background is very obvious. As the focal length of the lens increases, the proportion of the background in the picture becomes larger and larger until the person is completely covered.

After the principle is over, let’s take a look at how the performance of the Xiaomi CC9 Pro is.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro 25mm main lens shot

Xiaomi CC9 Pro 25mm main lens shot

The general mobile phone main camera is about 24 to 28mm focal length, and the Xiaomi CC9 Pro is no exception, it is 25mm focal length. In this focal length range, we can see that the subject is very large, and the background is very far away, so it looks small in the picture. This perspective relationship is usually called “near big and small”.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro 50mm portrait lens shooting

Xiaomi CC9 Pro 50mm portrait lens shooting

Under the 50mm standard portrait lens, the distance between the background and the character is clearly drawn. Compared with the photos taken by the main camera, the background is more concise, that is, the interference elements that affect the subject are much less, and the rails and woods on both sides are all compressed out of the picture. Only the characters and train background we want to emphasize are left behind.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro super telephoto lens shooting

Xiaomi CC9 Pro super telephoto lens shooting

Under the ultra-long-focus lens, the relationship between the characters and the background is further compressed, and people feel that they are very close to the train. This is what we call “space compression.” Looking back at the three photos, we were surprised to find that the proportion of people in the picture has not changed. We just changed the focal length of the lens, and the resulting photos have completely different perspective effects. All the extra parts in the picture are pressed out of the screen by the telephoto lens, leaving only the background image and the subject body that we most want to leave.

Through a set of portrait photos and two sets of zoom dynamic images, you can very intuitively see the effect of different focal lengths on the picture. The wider the angle, the more separated the background and the characters, the more elements can be integrated into the picture; if you don’t want the background in the picture to be too cluttered and you want the background to be closer to the person, then the portrait with a telephoto lens must be the first choice.

After reading so much, you may wish to try the long-focus lens of Xiaomi CC9 Pro and easily shoot a portrait with space compression.


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