Sony IMX686 official camera sample

Sony IMX686 Camera Samples Announced in Video

Sony CMOS IMX686 Camera Samples

Sony China officially posted a video on Weibo, showing the shooting sample of Sony IMX686 image sensor. Sony IMX686 is biggest upgrade from previously launched IMX586. 586 used by many smartphone manufacturers in their flagship phone.

Sony IMX686 Image Sensor Official Video ( re-uploaded for better experience )

Sony officially said that Sony Black Technology not only created a variety of high-quality professional imaging equipment, but also provided a core component – image sensor for many brands of smartphones. The new year is not far off, let’s look at the performance of the 2020 new cable image sensor.

The official stressed that the mobile phone in the video is a model, and the still pictures in the video are taken by the test equipment equipped with the Sony IMX686 image sensor, not taken by the model.

In the video, the test equipment equipped with the Sony IMX686 image sensor took pictures of landscapes, portraits, night scenes, and the Milky Way, and took a look at them.

Shot on Sony IMX686 Sensor


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