Creativity with 108 megapixel of xiaomi CC9 Pro Camera

An Creativity with 108 megapixel of xiaomi cc9 pro

Creativity with 108 megapixel

Creativity with 108 megapixel camera

Yesterday xiaomi released Xiaomi CC9 Pro world premiere of 100 million pixel mobile phone camera, the advantage of such a high pixel is the ability to take clearer photos, this is not a Xiaomi official has just launched a challenge: Creativity with 108 megapixel of Xiaomi CC9 Pro filmed “Xinhua Dictionary.”

Creativity with 108 Megapixel Camera

The video shows that the body of the 465 “Xinhua Dictionary” is almost covered with a 12-square-meter wall. Standing in the position of the CC9 Pro, the human eye is completely unable to recognize the text, but the photos taken by the mobile phone can be clearly enlarged and we can distinguish the text.

According to Xiaomi, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro main camera uses Xiaomi to develop a customized 100 million pixel, 1/1.33 inch large sensor, main camera, super wide angle, exclusive portrait, telephoto, macro total 5 cameras, can be 10 times Hybrid optical zoom, 50x digital zoom and dual optical image stabilization. In the photo evaluation, Xiaomi CC9 Pro ranked first in the world’s most famous DXOMARK mobile phone image evaluation with a total score of 121 points.

You can capture extremely high resolution photos with cc9 pro’s 108 megapixels camera. And from photos you can see details that invisible to human eye. Here is some more samples from 108 megapixel camera.

Xiaomi also released official unboxing and hands on experience video of Xiaomi CC9 PRO, let’s take a look.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro Unboxing

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