Microsoft Office Single App for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many exciting integrated features

Microsoft office brand new app

Microsoft office brand new app

Microsoft Office single App for word, Excel and PowerPoint

Microsoft today released a new Office application for iOS and Android. Although Microsoft has been offering separate versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on iOS and Android for years, this new Office application brings them together.

Microsoft Office New Mobile App

Microsoft office’s functions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the same as before, but they are now in a single application, which is much smaller than the separate Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications.

The new app is like a central hub for Microsoft to showcase all the new features it has gradually added to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There is a prominent operating section that includes the ability to transfer files from your computer to your phone, convert images to text or tables, scan images to PDF, and even scan QR codes. These features have been hidden for a long time and are now surfaced in this Office application, so they are likely to be used frequently.

Microsoft office new Logo

In addition to this new Office application, Microsoft has released its new Fluent Design version of the Office logo. Over the past year, Microsoft has been steadily adjusting icons for various Office applications, and the new overall Office logo is a more colorful version of the flat orange icon that the company has used in recent years. The new logo is included in this Office for iOS and Android app and will be used elsewhere in and other Microsoft Office applications in the coming months.

Here is how to join Microsoft office early access program

Microsoft released a public preview of the new Office App today as early access program, which is currently only available on mobile phones, so iPad or Android tablets are not currently supported. Android users can sign up here , iOS version can be used here on TestFlight. Joining is very simple, just follow link as mentioned above, and join a Microsoft discussion group. Next you will prompted download link which will open app store.


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