Adobe Photoshop Camera app will bring powerful PS functions

Adobe Photoshop Camera App

Adobe just showed a new mobile phone application Photoshop Camera in its MAX 2019 keynote speech, which will be officially launched next year. The application has a powerful automatic PS function, which can switch photos for each button background.

Adobe Photoshop Camera App Introduction

The Photoshop Camera app makes switching backgrounds and adding objects a breeze, so powerful that Adobe fears that this PS feature will be exploited by bad guys with some bad consequences, such as fraud.

Therefore, when the Photoshop Camera app launches next year, Adobe will launch a plan dedicated to privacy and image authenticity. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are already working on creating a tool for Adobe to identify and warn tampering images. As an additional precaution, the image and the algorithm applied to the image will also be done on the device.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

In addition to PS for background or foreground elements, users can add a variety of popular filters.

Here is you can register for testing Adobe Photoshop Camera beta app via Adobe Official website. After submitting request, Adobe will decide you are eligible or not, and it also depends on number of requests. If your request is accepted, than you will get mail in your inbox.

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