Oppo ColorOS 7 features and release date confirmed

Oppo ColorOS 7 Teaser Video

According to oppo colorOS official submission on this morning on weibo, OPPO released a promotional video of colorOS 7, including the ColorOS 7 conference; information display conference time is 20th November 2019 at 2.30 pm.

Oppo ColorOS 7 Official Teaser

It can be seen from this news that ColorOS 7 will be officially releasing this November, and oppo will announce some news next day. The news about ColorOS 7 is not a lot at present. Shen Yiren said that OPPO Reno 10x zoom phone will update ColorOS 7, there is no more content.

OPPO ColorOS 7

It is understood that OPPO’s ColorOS 6 debuted in November 2018. In terms of design, ColorOS 6 brings a brand new logo, a new digital art wallpaper and a newly designed icon. In terms of functionality, ColorOS 6 introduces ultra clear video, GameBoost 2.0, Breeno and remote daemons for images, and is further upgraded for short video, gaming, AI and security.

At present, there are very few news about ColorOS 7, but from OPPO’s latest internal measurement based on Android 10 deep customization ColorOS 6.7 speculation, ColorOS 7 will be based on Android 10 deep customization. Ar most on the UI interface changes, the following New features in ColorOS 6.7 should not be absent from ColorOS 7:

Oppo ColorOS 7 Features

  1. Dark mode : The new all-weather color scheme not only gives you a more focused and comfortable screen experience, but also saves you power.
  2. Focus mode : The scene mode adds a focus mode, temporarily leaving the phone, more focused work, and better enjoy life.
  3. Control Center : The pull-down notification page can display more switches to optimize the one-hand interactive experience, and the quick switch is more convenient to use.
  4. Camera interaction optimization : The camera interaction is newly upgraded, the operation is more intuitive, and the common function settings are more convenient.
  5. File Management : The file management adds the “Recent” view, and displays the files of the last 30 days in the order of the timeline. The search is more efficient, the new memory storage rights management system, and the privacy protection is more thorough.
  6. Cloud Disk : The cloud adds support for storing documents, videos, audio, compressed packages and other files, and important data is carried around.
  7. Random MAC address : Support random MAC address to connect to WiFi, block targeted advertising, and provide more secure protection for private information such as “mobile phone number” and “consumption record”.


On the morning of November 5th, ColorOS official Weibo announced that it will hold the ColorOS 7 conference in Beijing at 2:30 pm on November 20.

Oppo ColorOS 7 Teaser

The official said that the old prescription can not be a new disease? ColorOS 7, come up with new things. From the content of the poster, ColorOS 7 will further optimize the mobile phone interaction, game experience and other aspects, while adding some new features.

Oppo ColorOS 7 release date

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