Mi CC9 Pro 30W Fast Charge, faster than 40w; how ?

Xiaomi CC9 Pro charging technology

Xiaomi CC9 Pro charging technology

Mi CC9 Pro 30W fast Charge

Xiaomi CC9 Pro, said the whole machine uses a full-surface design, moderate thickness, perfect fit with the palm, the grip is excellent. Xiaomi CC9 Pro is equipped with a 30W flash charging. This is the first time that Xiaomi has adopted a new charging architecture. Although the power does not seem to be large, it can be filled with a large battery of 5260mAh in 65 minutes! Even more than the 40W mAh mobile phone with a battery of only 4500mAh.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro 30w Charge

This CC9 Pro, in addition to the “external” most efficient charging Charger-BQ25970 and the new MI-FC fast charging technology, [5260mAh custom fast charging battery] is also the key factor to make the fast charging ability to the extreme, 65 minutes Can be filled with this “big guy.”

Many people are puzzled. Doesn’t power mean charging fast? How could 30w be more than 40w ?? Here is official explanation.

Xiaomi 30w vs huawei 40w

In theory, the higher the charging power, the faster the charging speed, like the 30W capacity of more than 40W, it sounds like the bicycle is running faster than the car is incredible. But in fact, mobile phone charging is a non-linear charging process, no matter 30W or 40W, any mobile phone can not consistently complete the entire charging process with this peak power.

In the normal state of normal temperature, the initial stage of charging can be fully input with high efficiency, but as time advances, power will drop, eventually entering the constant voltage charging phase, and the current will drop to a very low trickle charge level.

Simply put, mobile phone charging is similar to long-distance running. At the beginning, I was full of energy, started at full speed, and relaxed halfway through the speed of 100 meters. In the latter part of the physical strength began to have problems, the speed gradually declined, and rushed through the end point in the jogging state.

Therefore, if you want 30>40, it is not impossible to complete the task. As long as you let the “full speed run” run longer, and then let the “jogging” distance shorten, you can reduce the overall charging time.

Xiaomi CC9 Pro 30W speed flash charging is based on these two points for special optimization.

  1. Running at full speed, more lasting
  2. 6A high current can be charged for 15 minutes

In order to extend the high-power charging time, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro has the latest and most efficient charging Charger-BQ25970 in the “plug-in” industry. The ultra-high conversion rate of 97% greatly reduces the heat loss and can maintain a longer current output.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro joins Battery Sense, which increases the detection loop in the battery’s internal cells and directly detects the real-time voltage of the battery’s internal cells. The reason for this is that the fast charge strategy has a direct relationship with the cell voltage. By adding Battery Sense, the true voltage of the cell can be measured most accurately and directly, and the error caused by the impedance of the battery protection circuit can be avoided, and the current can be high. Power input is longer, which is more energy.

In summary, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro can be used to charge the battery with a 6A high current for nearly 15 minutes, and the firepower is fully extended.

Less jogging, more efficient
Significantly reduce constant voltage charging time

As mentioned above, after the “full speed running” stage, the charging of the mobile phone began to appear “insufficient physical strength” and the power fell.

In order to shorten this time, we have adopted the new MI-FC (MI Fast Charge) fast charging technology, which can charge more energy in advance with high current, reducing the amount of power that needs to be recharged during constant voltage charging (that is, jogging needs to run through). The distance) greatly shortens the charging time in the back section.

MI-FC Technology

This is why, 30W speed flash charging began to accelerate significantly in the latter stage, “curve overtaking” is one of the important reasons beyond the ordinary 40W fast charge.

Wait, there is a pair of “new running shoes”
Long battery internal resistance reduced by 30%

In fact, not only the above two points, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro also changed a pair of high-tech “new running shoes”! Through structural optimization, a long strip of lithium-ion polymer battery is used, which reduces the internal resistance of the conventional prism battery by more than 30% under the same capacity. “New running shoes” reduce energy loss throughout the charging process.

More surprises, on November 5, Xiaomi CC9 Pro and Xiaomi Watch new product release meeting.


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