Vivo S5 Official News : Illuminate beauty

Vivo S5 Official poster

Vivo S5 Official poster

Vivo S5 Official announcement

Official microblog of vivo released the news, and the officially announced the news of its new machine Vivo S5.

Vivo said: From today, try to be a small lucky in your life. Nice to meet everyone, here is the vivo S5. Vivo S5 illuminate your beauty.

Last week, a flash interview with the spokesperson of the vivo S series, Cai Xukun, unexpectedly exposed the appearance of the new machine. The rear lens of this new machine is very characteristic, it is arranged in a prismatic shape, and the lens The number is a lot, similar to the rear lens combination of Nokia9 PureView, but certainly not the same.

Vivo S5 Official poster

The color matching of the vivo S5 is also very eye-catching. The whole back of the new machine is a gradient of blue and green overlays. It is like a mix of dreams. It is full of dreams, so the positioning must be a young user group, but unfortunately this There is no news about the specific release time and configuration information of the new machine, so it is not clear how the performance is.

Vivo’s S series is a trend mobile phone targeting the younger generation, coupled with the spokesperson for the idol artist Cai Xukun, the traffic and topic naturally do not have to worry, we will continue to follow the report on the follow-up news of this new machine.


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