Xiaomi Smart Watch and Xiaomi TV 5 coming on November 5th

Xiaomi Watch

Xiaomi Watch

Xiaomi watch and Xiaomi TV 5 series announcement

This morning, Xiaomi officially announced that it will release Xiaomi watches and Xiaomi TV 5 on November 5th. The previous rumors that the Xiaomi watch series will have two kinds of square dials and round dials. Now the official release of the posters seems to be It is suggested that the Xiaomi smart watch will use a square dial.

Xiaomi Watch

Xiaomi said that the millet watch will be ” a real smart watch “, the poster implies that the xiaomi watch will use a square dial with an adjustment knob on one side of the watch. Although the square dial is listed in the poster, it does not rule out the existence of a round dial.

Xiaomi Watch Rendering

At present, there are not many news about the configuration of Xiaomi watches. Well-known blogger digital chat station has reported that Xiaomi watches are expected to be equipped with Snapdragon Wear chip platform, supporting eSIM card, 4G network, multi-function NFC and intelligent voice assistant. Customize the Android Wear OS system.

In early September, Xiaomi registered the trademarks of “Millennium MIX ALPHA”, “Millet MIX Alpha” and “ Xiaomi Watch COLOR ”, which can be guessed that the Xiaomi watch will have a colorful watch to bring the “Color” in the corresponding trademark.

Xiaomi TV 5

this morning, together with Xiaomi CC9 Pro official announcement of Xiaomi TV 5, the official said that the new Xiaomi TV 5 will bring breakthrough quality improvement and more unexpected surprises, Officially released on November 5.

Xiaomi TV 5

Xiaomi TV 5 positioning “the flagship of the year”, the official said that the Xiaomi TV 5 series will bring more amazing design process, while the quality will also bring upgrades. It is expected that the Xiaomi TV 5 series will be available in a variety of sizes, the appearance may be more modern, and the frame is further narrowed. On the panel side, it is expected that Xiaomi TV 5 will still adopt 4K resolution panel, but it may add more color and decoding technologies, such as HDR.

The Xiaomi New Product Launch Conference will start at 2pm on November 5th.

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