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iQOO Neo 855 version x town soul street

iQOO Neo 855 version

iQOO Neo 855 Version Price, Specifications and Availability

Today, vivo has released iQOO Neo again. Unlike the previous Snapdragon 845 version, this time iqoo Neo directly used 855. If you only look at the CPU, you can call Pro. In addition to changes in the CPU part, what are the highlights of the iQOO Neo 855 version? Let’s take a look at it.

iQOO Neo 855 Version Official Introduction Video

iQOO Neo 855 version Performance

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 strong core, compared to iQOO Neo 1st generation, CPU performance increased by 45%, game performance increased by 25%, AI performance increased by 3 times, GPU graphics rendering capabilities increased 20 %

UFS 3.0, compared to the iQOO Neo 1st generation of UFS 2.1, the sequential read speed is increased by 90% and the sequential write speed is increased by 160% in the lab test environment.

Dual Wi-Fi acceleration technology, can carry out network intelligent judgment, download speed is faster, webpage loading is smoother, and the game runs more stable. In the lab test environment, the iQOO Neo 855 version has a latency reduction of up to 90% and the gaming experience doubles!

iQOO Neo 855 version · flash charge 2.0 + large battery

According to the vivo laboratory standard environmental test results, vivo 33W Flashcharge 2.0 flash charging technology, in the screen off state, charge to 25% within 10 minutes. Play the “Glory of the King” with iQOO Neo 855 version, you can play 10 games in one game (according to 15 minutes in one game).

33W flash charging, coupled with a large battery of 4500mAh, so that you can panic without fear of power, calmly deal with.

iQOO Neo 855 version · e-sports game experience

Multi-Turbo 2.0, iQOO Neo 855 version with Multi-Turbo 2.0, including Center Turbo, Net Turbo, Cooling Turbo, AI Turbo, Game Turbo, ART++ Turbo. In the lab test environment, the front-end response speed is increased by 30% compared to the iQOO Neo generation, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Super liquid cooling, compared with non-liquid cooling mobile phone, using super liquid cooling can make the phone CPU temperature drop 10 degrees, the phone surface temperature drops 2-3 degrees.

HDR10 technology, with high-quality AMOLED screen, to achieve a higher dynamic range, showing more highlights and shadow details in the game screen, presenting a visual feast for everyone.

iQOO Neo 855 version Antutu Benchmark running points

iQOO Neo 855 version in the Antu rabbit comprehensive running score of 477,000 points! It is the leader of the current 855 mobile phone! Even reached the level of many 855 Plus phones.

iqoo neo 855 Antutu Benchmark

iQOO Neo 855 version x NetEase game

iQOO combined with NetEase game first to support “Fantasy Westward Journey 3D Edition” HDR 10 display effect on iQOO Neo 855 version, achieving higher display dynamic range, showing more highlights in the game screen And the details of the dark, presenting a visual feast and a great gaming experience.

iQOO Neo 855 version · Camera

iQOO Neo 855 version uses dual-core 12 megapixels main camera, with 8 megapixel super wide-angle camera and a depth of field camera. It can achieve super large field of view shooting up to 120° (the angle of view after wide-angle correction is turned on is 108°), and the shooting area at the same position is about three times that of a normal camera.

Hyper-HDR specially developed portrait light filling technology for portraits with an ultra-high dynamic range of up to 12.3eV, which can easily cope with various large light ratio environments.

Men’s Rejuvenation, through AI facial recognition, retain more skin texture details, enhance stereo and realism, let you do the coolest.

AI video clips, intelligently identify the characters and highlights in the video, automatically complete the editing of the video clips through the AI ​​algorithm, making the video production easier; video segmentation, separating the characters from the background, presenting a cinematic texture.

iQOO Neo 855 Edition Colour options

  1. Carbon fiber black for the ultimate performance
  2. Electro-optical violet with unlimited passion and vitality
  3. Which Icelandic aurora you like to dream like.

iQOO Neo 855 version · Appearance

6.38 inch AMOLED water drop screen, 19.5:9 screen ratio is more slender, with the industry’s mainstream water drop screen design, giving users an extraordinary immersive experience. Not only is it slender, it is also very thin, and the thickness of 8.13mm gives you a comfortable feel.

“DC-like dimming”, low-brightness anti-screen flash technology, no loss of detail on the display, while the color transition remains smooth.

Screen fingerprint, compared to the iQOO Neo generation, the screen fingerprint unlocking speed is increased by 10% again, unlocking one step faster.

iQOO Neo 855 version · Smart Life

Mutual transmission of the web version, using the phone to scan the code, any data on the phone can be managed and transferred on the computer, no data line, no need to consume traffic.

Jovi voice wake-up ability is greatly improved, and the vehicle noise, tire noise, wind noise and other noises are overcome in the vehicle environment, and the ultra-high wake-up rate of more than 90% is still maintained.

The telephone secretary, when he is busy, replaces the call and records matters to create a smart new life.

iQOO Neo 855 version x town soul street

iQOO Neo 855 version x town soul street

This Luocha Street, you come or not? The powerful performance of the iQOO Neo 855 version coincides with the blood of the town of Soul Street. iQOO will launch a dedicated custom gift box, which will be available in limited editions on December.

iQOO Neo 855 version Price

iQOO Neo 855 version, carbon fiber black, electro-optic purple and Icelandic aurora full price from 1998 yuan, tonight 20:30 (Beijing time) online and offline synchronization pre-sale .

iqoo neo 855 Price and storage options

On November 1st, the whole line was officially launched. note! Starting at 20:30 tonight, ending at 24:00 on November 11th, 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB are all limited to 100 yuan, and the final price is 2198 yuan, 2398 yuan, 2598 yuan. All users who purchase the iQOO Neo 855 version during this period can enjoy an additional half-year screen saver and enjoy an 18-month warranty.


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