Vivo S5 hands on,

Vivo S5 leaked in Video – pink green gradient + prism lens

Suspected Vivo S5 leaked in Video

On the afternoon of October 22, Mr. Fashion’s official Weibo ESQUIREfine released a quick interview with the idol artist Cai Xukun. In this video, a new machine of vivo that has not yet been released vivo S5 was unveiled.

Vivo S5 hands on,
Vivo S5

Vivo’s new machine was used by Cai Xukun in the video as a word card, because Cai Xukun itself is the spokesperson of the vivo S series, so this series is also very clear, and vivo is using this video. Preheat this upcoming new product, the vivo S5.

  • Vivo S5 Leaked Video
  • Vivo S5 Leaked Video

Seen from the video enlargement screenshot, Kay sees that the rear lens of this new machine is very characteristic. It is arranged in a prismatic shape and has a large number of lenses. It is similar to the rear lens combination of Nokia 9 PureView, but it will definitely not be the same.

The color of this new machine is also very eye-catching. The back of the new machine is a gradient of blue and green overlays. It is like a mix of dreams. It is full of dreams, so the guessing position must be a young user group.

Vivo’s S series is a trend mobile phone targeting the younger generation, coupled with the spokesperson for the idol artist Cai Xukun, traffic and topic naturally do not have to worry, and now the S series of the latest S5 has begun to warm up, I believe that soon the official will release The news.


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