Realme X2 Pro Hands-on Video and Feature tour

Realme X2 Pro hands-on

Realme X2 Pro hands-on

First flagship from realme, the X2 Pro is officially releasing on 15th October. But there is no secret left to unveil expect the exact price. Basically it will start from 24,000 INR and highest version with 12GB RAM and 256 storage will be less than 30,000 INR. Here we will discuss all features of realme X2 Pro, and we end with hands-on video experience.

Realme X2 Pro white & blue

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+

The most powerful flagship processor in Qualcomm history, 7nm advanced technology process, Kyro 485 architecture, the highest frequency is increased to 2.96GHz, processing speed is faster, performance is stronger! The fourth-generation multi-core artificial intelligence engine supports more than 7 trillion operations per second, and can be integrated with proprietary programmable AI acceleration.

Realme X2 Pro Processor

The new generation Adreno 640 GPU has a frequency up to 675MHz and an image processing capability of 15%. It also supports the Snapdragon Elite Gaming game acceleration engine and the Quad HD+ game quality engine, making game screens, scenes, and characters as real-world.

Built-in integrated Spectra 380 ISP, while supporting cutting-edge photographic calculation and video capture functions, power consumption is less, with realme X2 Pro super four camera, to users Bring a great photo experience.

UFS 3.0 high-speed flash memory

The latest storage standard, the read speed has increased by 80% compared with the previous generation, and the power consumption is lower, such as the rapid transmission of high-speed trains. Whether you’re copying a Blu-ray movie or loading a large game, you can dramatically reduce your time and experience superb fluidity. #realmeX2 Pro# is equipped with UFS 3.0 dual-channel high-speed flash, faster than faster!

VC liquid cooling + superconducting carbon fiber

The VC liquid cooling with superconducting carbon fiber multiple scheme; VC liquid cooling, the area is up to 1373 square mm, and superimposed superconducting carbon fiber, multi-layer graphite sheet and other efficient heat-dissipating materials. 100% full coverage of the core heat source, greatly reducing the temperature, so that the mobile phone is always in a high-performance state, full-scale swimming game.

Realme X2 Pro VC liquid cooling

Frame Boost and Touch Boost

Full speed esport mode: Frame Boost 2.0 accelerates frame rate, game stability increases by 41.1%; Touch Boost 2.0 accelerates touch, system touch performance increases by 22.2%. Give you a full-speed e-sports gaming experience from hardware to system.

Realme X2 Pro frame Boost and Touch Boost

Double WiFi Network Acceleration

This realme X2 Pro supports dual WiFi network acceleration technology, which can connect two WiFi in different frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time, intelligent speed increase, faster and more stable network speed, and more peace of mind when watching video games.

50W Super flash charge

Flagship Realme X2 Pro Built-in 4000mAh large power, support 50W SuperVOOC, 10 minutes quickly fill 40%, 35 minutes full 100%, fast return to give you peace of mind; also support PD, QC 18W fast charge agreement, use Other charging devices can also be recharged quickly.

Realme X2 Pro 50W super flash charge live demo

Intelligent five-core protection on realme X2 Pro contains; five chips to monitor the power situation in real time, and it is safer to charge quickly. More support for playing super flash, game 30 minutes, safe charging 80%.

Realme X2 Pro 50w super flash charge

Tactile Linear Motor

Tactile linear motor will bring stereo vibration to your fingertips. Every time you send a message, every call, every typing input, you can enjoy clean and resounding feedback. The system adapts to the vibration mode of multiple scenes and works in the game to give you an immersive gaming experience. It can be sure that realme X2 Pro makes mobile phone operation a touch of enjoyment!

Multi-function NFC

The new convenient lifestyle has been opened since then. Realme X2 Pro can easily install your bank card, bus card, access card; and even your eID e-ID card, and say goodbye to your wallet.

Dual-frequency GPS

The realme X2 Pro supports L1+L5 dual-frequency signals to work together; even in complex urban environments, it can effectively improve navigation accuracy. Comparison with single-frequency GPS mobile phones, the accuracy of dual-frequency positioning measurement is improved several times.

High-speed rail mode + elevator mode

On realme X2 Pro, system underlying optimization, the default is turned on without manual opening. Fine-tuning mobile phone network search and access solutions, the 4G network is still stable on the high-speed rail. Smooth online video playback; intelligently determine whether the mobile phone is inside the elevator, adjust the search strategy, and quickly restore the 4G network connection when leaving the elevator.

Dark Mode

Realme X2 Pro supports the ultra dark mode; which can be fully or manually enter into the dark theme, and the system interface will show a cool dark skin. More suitable for a large number of third-party applications, let you open a full immersive dark experience.

Realme X2 Pro dark mode

Ultra-reality enhancement

X2 Pro performs independent parameter debugging for color reproduction, material texture, light and shadow effects of the game; and performs noise reduction and saw-tooth processing on the color blocks in the game screen. When turned on, it will enhance the display of materials, colors, and edges of objects in the game screen; and the details of the screen will be fine.

Realme X2 Pro hands-on video

Zhong Wenze, weibo user today released first hands-on video realme x2 pro on network. Video is re-uploaded for better viewing experience.

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