Essential Gem Prototype

Essential project Gem: It’s A Different Phone

Andy Rubin’s Essential Project Gem

Essential and Andy Rubin shared a unique smartphone phone pictures on Twitter which is look like a remote control, and screen ratio should be 4:1. Andy Rubin named device as essential project GEM.

  • Essential Gem Prototype, essential phone 2,
  • Essential Gem Prototype
  • Essential Gem Prototype, essential phone 2

Last month, certain specifications of Essential’s mysterious models were exposed, indicating that their second device is being “tested.” CEO Andy Rubin also shared some pictures of the very narrow straight touch screen prototype today, which looks like a remote control.

  • Essential Gem Prototype
  • Essential Gem Prototype

From the published pictures, this phone is very long and narrow, with four gradient colors of blue, orange, red and green; there is a larger camera on the back of the phone, and the lower position can better hold the phone; In addition, the right side of the phone has a volume button and a power button.

According to the interface of the device, it runs the Android system, but the UI should be deeply customized, and the commonly used applications are directly displayed on the main interface.

Essential Gem Prototype

A spokesman for Essential told the media that there is indeed a new device under development: we have been researching a new device and are currently testing early in the lab and team; we look forward to sharing more in the near future.

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