Sony PlayStation 5 with haptic tech coming in 2020

Sony PlayStation 5 Official News

Sony officially responded to PS5 related rumors on Twitter, said the next generation console PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of 2020. Now Sony has officially confirmed this news in the blog.

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony said the next-generation console will be called PlayStation 5 and will be released before the 2020 holiday. There’s more to be excited about – the new handle preview that comes with the PlayStation 5. Sony said that one of the goals of the next generation of consoles is to deepen the immersion of the player while playing the game, and the new control handle brings a re-imagined touch.

The new controller for the PlayStation 5 has two key innovations. First, haptic feedback was use to replace the “rumble” technology that appeared in controllers since the fifth-generation console. With the sense of touch, you can really feel a wider range of feedback, so hitting the wall of the car feels very different compared to shoveling the ball on the football field. You can even feel a variety of textures as you walk through the grass or walk through the mud.

Second Innovation

The second innovation is what is called an adaptive trigger, which will be incorporated into the trigger button (L2/R2). Developers can program the resistance of the trigger so that you can feel the touch of a bow or arrow on a rugged terrain. Combined with touch, you can create a powerful experience and better simulate various actions. Game creators have begun using early versions of the new controller, and Sony says it can’t wait to know the developer’s imagination.

At present, Sony has not shared more game camps of PS5; but confirmed that the PS4 will continue to have a large number of blockbuster experiences; including “Death Stranded”, “Last Survivor 2” and “Ghost of the Isle of Man”.



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