Mix Alpha camera sample; Xiaomi’s 108 megapixel

Xiaomi mix alpha camera sample

At the end of September, Xiaomi officially released the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone at the Beijing headquarters Xiaomi Science and Technology Park. The screen to body ratio reach 180.6%, support the full Netcom 5G dual card, 100 megapixel triple camera. This morning, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, Xiaomi Group Vice President Lu Weibing, Xiaomi Company CFO Zhou was capitalized to participate in the parade celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. On Weibo, Zhou capture a camera sample of Xiaomi MIX Alpha. Although it is not in actual full size photo on Weibo, the watermark in the lower left corner shows that it is shot from Xiaomi MIX Alpha with 100 megapixel. The microblogging picture is a four-in-one 27-megapixel shooting proof.


The MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone come with Samsung’s 108 megapixel ultra high definition main camera; the camera’s photosensitive size is 1/1.33 inches, the aperture is F/1.69, the pixel area is 1.6μm; and the 12032×9024 pixel image can be straight out. Which results, image size can reach 40MB, while supporting OIS four-axis optical image stabilization. Other two camera; one is 12 megapixel Samsung S5K2L4 for portrait and 2x optical zoom. And a 20 megapixel Sony IMX350 for wide angle and macro use.

Other features

Mi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone adopts a surround screen design; which eliminates the handset’s earphone jack, front camera, and side buttons. The chin and forehead only retains 2.15 mm of space; its side section displays battery power, system related information and notification information. The antennas on both sides are driven by dual display chips; both of which support pressure sensing and a built-in side linear motor. The entire screen uses a layered fit and a screw-in assembly technique. At the same time, flexible screen fingerprint, ultrasonic distance sensing and other technologies.


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