Huawei VR Glass Official now at 30000 INR

Huawei VR Glass Price in India

Huawei VR Glass Price

Huawei VR Glass

At today’s Huawei Mate 30 series mobile phone china conference; Huawei officially brought a new Huawei VR Glass new product, it’s appearance is very scientific and technological.

Compared to traditional VR glasses, Huawei VR Glass is smaller and has a lens thickness of only 26.6 mm. It uses an ultra-short-focus optical system, and the assembly process is rigorous. It uses a three-stage folding optical path and 5-pixel high-precision calibration. The assembly environment is a 100-class dust-free environment with 70 barrels in the assembly process and six layers in the optical coating.

VR Glass also specifically adjusts for myopic people. It supports 700° diopter adjustment, and the left and right eyes can be modified independently. It has a built-in dual speaker and dual Smart PA. VR Glass uses an elastic mask that is magnetically detachable and ergonomically designed.

It’s monocular resolution reaches 1600×1600 and the pixel density reaches 1058PPI. And the weight is only 166 grams.

This VR Glass has a built-in Huawei VR video platform that contains 30,000 hours of HD content.

In addition, VR Glass also supports mobile phone mode and computer mode, which is convenient for users to connect with other products.

Finally the Huawei VR glasses are priced at 2,999 yuan ( around 30000 Indian Rupees ) and will be officially launched for sale in December.


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