Xiaomi Mix Alpha Display supplied by Visionox

Xiaomi mix alpha display supply by Visionox

Xiaomi mix alpha

Xiaomi Mix Alpha Display Supplied by Visionox

Yesterday Xiaomi officially released the MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone with very shocking appearance. It adopts the surround screen design. The front, back and middle frame of the fuselage are covered by the screen. Unfortunately, the experience after the conference; The machine was placed in a glass cover and could not be used for the experience. There was question, who is display supplier for Xiaomi Mix Alpha; Now we have answer and confirmed by Xiaomi product director, which is Visionox.

According to the news, Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone uses a flexible AMOLED surround screen; from the domestic Visionox display company. Before Xiaomi has shown a double-fold concept phone; which is also from Visionox.

The Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone uses a complete surround screen with a screen ratio of 180.6%. The phone cancels the phone’s handset, front camera, side buttons, and the chin; and forehead only retains 2.15 mm of space.

This well-known digital blogger Mocha commented: “Don’t look down on Visionox. Visionox is the OLED project team of Tsinghua University. The most flexible OLED R&D team in China is just missing a big customer. Visionox and Xiaomi’s display technology experts have spent a lot of time doing technological innovation and yield improvement; (Xiaomi has exported a lot of technical capabilities), and several first-line brands will grab Vision’s OLED screen capacity next year.”

In addition, Xiaomi Product Manager Wang Teng Thomas also commented back; “This year is the year of the rise of domestic OLEDs, and next year will be a year of outbreak. Xiaomi has invested a lot of research and development resources in recent years with several screen factories, including OLED screens. Many techniques, such as yield improvement, display optimization, and so on, are by no means the use of some.

Lei Jun’s Response

According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi MIX Alpha started research and development as early as 2 years ago, and invested 1000 engineers before and after, with a total investment of 500 million yuan. The mission of the MIX concept mobile phone is to make a truly disruptive product at all costs and without considering mass production.

Lei Jun Introduction Mix Alpha and Audience Reactions

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