Xiaomi MIX Alpha: The most expensive Xiaomi phone in history

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For two years of research and development Xiaomi investment goes upto 500 million yuan; The results is most anticipated and beautiful Xiaomi Mix Alpha.

Today, Xiaomi officially released the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone at Xiaomi’s new headquarters. This mobile phone adopts a 180.6% screen ratio of the surrounding flat, while supporting the full Netcom 5G dual card, 108 megapixel. Three cameras. The phone is priced at 199990 Indian Rupees and is expected to be officially launched at the end of December.

The Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone uses a complete surround screen with a screen ratio of 180.6%. The phone cancels the phone’s headphone jack, front camera, side buttons, and the chin and forehead only retains 2.15 mm of space.


The Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone supports a new screen sound technology, which uses a new vibrator unit to drive the sound of the screen and optimize the sound experience. The whole machine does not leave much space for the antenna, but it still has 8 antennas in the upper and lower space of 0.8 mm and the connection area of ​​the camera. These antennas use the LCP high-integration antenna design and integrate 5 kinds of antenna bands, including GPS. Dual WiFi, 5G, dual card, full Netcom.

The side of the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone displays battery power, system related information, and notification information. The antennas on both sides are driven by dual display chips, both of which support pressure sensing and a built-in side linear motor. The entire screen uses a layered fit and a screw-in assembly technique. At the same time, flexible screen fingerprint, ultrasonic distance sensing and other technologies.

For various scenarios, Xiaomi MIX Alpha will also switch according to the actual situation of the user. Additionally, the screen can be switch automatically after the phone change it’s flip. In addition, there is a light application center on the back of the Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone, users can customize calendar, weather, system status and other information and applications as needed.

While using device, In order to prevent screen misuse, Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone supports multi-sensor and AI algorithm to accurately identify the current use of the screen, suppress other areas of touch, can dynamically assign touch commands when the pressure sensor is recognized.


Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone equipped with Samsung’s 108 megapixel ultra-high-definition main camera, the camera’s photosensitive size is 1/1.33 inches, the aperture is F/1.69, the pixel area is 1.6μm, and the 12032×9024 pixel image can be straight out. The image size can reach 40 MB, while supporting OIS four-axis optical image stabilization. In addition, Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone ultra-high-definition main camera also supports ISOCELL Plus, intelligent ISO and other technologies.

Mi Mix Alpha Camera Sample
Mi Mix Alpha Camera Sample

The other two cameras are a 20 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 12 megapixel portrait camera. The 20 megapixel super wide-angle camera has a 1/2.8-inch sensor size, a pixel area of ​​1 μm, an aperture of F/2.2, and a viewing angle of 117°. Support 1.5cm super macro camera, 12 million pixel portrait camera with a size of 1/2.55 inches, pixel area 1.4μm, aperture size F/2, support Dual PD phase focus.

The Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept phone camera section also has a full sapphire glass protection. Black precision ceramics are used in the back area. The frame of the whole machine is made of titanium alloy, and its strength is three times that of stainless steel, which can ensure the structural strength of the device.


Mi MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chip, supports 5G dual card full Netcom, its memory is 12GB RAM, internal storage uses UFS 3.0 granules, storage space is 512GB, battery uses 4050mAh nano silicon The negative battery supports 40W wired flash charging, and there is also a 1.0cc large sound chamber.

Mi Mix Alpha Price and availability

Xiaomi MIX Alpha 5G concept mobile phone is a heavy product design by Xiaomi with 500 million yuan of research and development investment and 2 years of research and development. The phone has already begun mass production and is soon to be officially release the end of December this year, price is 19999 yuan ( about 2815 US Dollar and 199990 Indian Rupees).

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