Mi Mix 4 display Ratio will be more than 100%

Mi 9 Pro Display Features

As usual Xiaomi today morning started Pre-heating upcoming flagship phone Mi 9 Pro 5G and Mi Mix 4 Concept phone and today’s highlights is Display of both devices.

Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G display Features

On September 24th, Xiaomi will hold a new product launch conference. At that time, its new machine Xiaomi 9 Pro and MIX concept machine will be unveiled one by one.

Mi 9 Pro Display Features

Compared with Xiaomi 9, in addition to the core configuration upgrade, 9 Pro’s screen has also been greatly improved. This morning, Xiaomi official Weibo announced that Xiaomi 9 Pro will adopt professional-grade “primary color screen” and list 5 items. Advantages:

  1. China Institute of Metrology, collaborative certification color standard;
  2. Color- by-chip color correction before delivery ; uniform color standard;
  3. More advanced “automatic color management system”;
  4. 103.8% NTSC wide color gamut, none Level color temperature adjustment;
  5. preferred flagship AMOLED screen;

other known aspects, Xiaomi 9 Pro will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC, and officially customized XL VC liquid cooling module, CPU core temperature reduced 10.2 ° C, known as “VC liquid cooling 5G core”.

In addition, the machine will also be the first 30W super wireless fast charge, 4000mAh battery 25 minutes wireless charging 50%, 69 minutes can be full, while supporting 10W reverse charging.

Xiaomi Mix 4 100% Plus Display

Xiaomi mobile phone Weibo also said that after Xiaomi MIX created a comprehensive screen concept, the mobile phone screen form has been constantly evolving, challenging a higher screen ratio. What is the upper limit of your screen share? What kind of new screen technology do you still expect?

Mi Mix 4 Display Features

It can be guessed from the preheating that this MIX concept machine seems to exceed 100% of the screen ratio. However, there are two options for waterfall screen and folding screen.

It is also worth noting that MIX’s suffix is ​​a concept machine, which means that it will not be mass-produced and marketed. But the advantage is that it can add more new technologies, such as 100W wired fast charging and folding screen.

Of course, Xiaomi should not only prepare a concept machine for MIX, or there will be a mass production machine, deducting some of the concept machine technology, in which form, sitting on the conference will be announced.

Xiaomi Mix Alpha Official Rendering released

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