Xiaomi 8K TV Pro Official Rendering announced

Xiaomi Full Screen 8K TV Pro Official Rendering

Xiaomi TV official brought more renderings of Xiaomi full-screen 8K TV Pro, including the overall appearance and detail design of Xiaomi full-screen TV Pro.

Xiaomi Full Screen TV Pro

The Xiaomi full-screen TV Pro is all designed with a metal design and is equipped with an aluminum alloy oxidized frame and an aluminum base.

Xiaomi Full Screen TV Pro

In addition, Xiaomi full-screen TV Pro also has a specially designed 3D carbon fiber texture beauty back, taking into account the heat and beauty, printed with the brand logo of Xiaomi.

The right side of the Xiaomi full-screen TV Pro is also marked with the laser-printed “Designed by xiaomi” logo.

According to previous exposure information, Xiaomi full-screen TV Pro will have three versions of 43 inch (expected in 4K), 55 inch and 65 inch (in 8K). The latest published renderings show that the screen border does reach the level of “Full Screen TV Pro”.

In other respects, there was news that “xiaomi full-screen TV, the whole system supports 8K”. Considering the difficulty of popularizing 8K panels, Xiaomi’s full-screen TV Pro is more likely to support 8K decoding.


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