Huawei Smart Screen Release Date and Specifications

Huawei smart tv Release Date and Specifications

Huawei Smart Screen

Huawei will release Smart Screen with AI-Eye and hongmeng Os

The first honor smart screen equipped with Hongmeng operating system has been on sale for some time; and as the big brother, Huawei finally announced on September 16 that Huawei Smart Screen will open an appointment on September 19th. It will be releasing globally in Munich, Germany on the 19th.

It is worth noting that in the official release of the poster, the screen pop-up camera called “AI Eyes” was displayed. At the same time, the official also wrote: “The wisdom is clear, the insight is clear and broad, and the vision is locked. The protagonist.” We can guess that a new series of AI “black technology” will be added to the new Huawei smart screen products, allowing users to get more “new gameplay” based on AI.

According to previous news, It will become the smart interactive center of the family. The multi-screen experience center, the IoT control center and the audio-visual entertainment center. Huawei’s full-scenario smart strategy adopts the “1+8+N” three-layer structure; which will covering four scenarios of home, office, car and sports; and uses mobile phones to drive 8 auxiliary entrances such as tablets, PCs, speakers and headphones. Multi-peripheral ecological equipment.

As an extremely important member of Huawei’s full-scenario smart strategy; It has software and hardware configurations such as self-developed smart chips, OS-class black technology, HiAI engine, Huawei Sound smart audio, AI image quality engine and cloud service.

Huawei Smart Screen Packaging

Huawei’s smart screen packaging information was also exposed earlier. From the product label, this smart screen is called Huawei Smart Screen V65. It is a display machine, model is HEGE-560, the color is interstellar black, and the gross weight is 43kg. Production date is September 6, 2019. The manufacturer is Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and the display manufacturer is BOE Video Technology Co., Ltd.

In addition, it has passed the TUV Rheinland Low Blu-ray certification, supporting Bluetooth, Dolby Audio, dts-HD and other functions.

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