Vivo TWS Earphone: A true wireless stereo hands on

Vivo TWS earphone Hands on

Vivo will launch the first true wireless Bluetooth headset vivo TWS Earphone! As early as September start vivo official blog announced this big surprise. And recently digital blogger Zhong Wenze exposed the picture of this true wireless Bluetooth headset. In particular, Qualcomm official also forwarded comments on vivo’s official Xuan Weibo, saying that the vivo TWS Earphone will launch Qualcomm’s new flagship wireless chip.

In recent years, when I mentioned the true wireless Bluetooth headset, most people will think of Apple’s AirPods in an instant. In contrast, in the Android mobile phone, there is no product that can compete with it. In fact, some domestic mobile phone manufacturers have tried the development of true wireless Bluetooth headsets, but the products introduced are difficult for everyone to accept, because those products are relatively poor in terms of connection stability and sound quality transmission that users are most concerned about. And can the vivo TWS Earphone launched by this vivo change the disadvantages of the Android mobile phone in the true wireless Bluetooth headset.

Vivo TWS Earphone

It can be seen from the personal platform of Qualcomm this time that Qualcomm attaches great importance to this cooperation with vivo! Because vivo has always taken photos and music as the core of its products. It is also the first mobile phone brand to introduce Hi-Fi functionality into the mobile phone market. The products have always attached great importance to the music experience during the designb so they have accumulated profound technical experience. So what kind of new experience will this launch of the vivo TWS Earphone bring to us?

Vivo TWS Earphone

Qualcomm QCC5126

It is understood that this true wireless Bluetooth headset will use the QCC5126 wireless chip, this chip is not small; it is a new generation of stereo TWS low-power Bluetooth audio SoC developed by Qualcomm for wireless Bluetooth headset. It has an advanced quad-core processing architecture and dual-core 32-bit processor application subsystem, supporting Bluetooth 5.0 and 2Mbps low-power dual-mode Bluetooth; all of which have achieved flagship performance. It give the advantages of stable Bluetooth connection, low power consumption and reduced sound quality damage. It also supports active noise reduction and noise cancellation. What is even more surprising is that it has a common advantage with AirPods, that is, it supports voice wake-up at any time!

Unboxing Images

Vivo true Bluetooth wireless stereo earphone

According to the picture of Vivo TWS, this Bluetooth headset has a compact appearance and exquisite design, and the wearing experience must be excellent. In fact, this is also the case. In order to improve the wearing stability and comfort of the vivo TWS Earphone. The designer analyzed the ear canal structure of tens of thousands of people to create a universal ear canal model. After thousands of engineers performed six rounds of precision debugging, they were finally determined. In this respect alone, we can feel the rigor of vivo in this earphone design. Moreover, it has also been blessed by Qualcomm’s platform and vivo technology, and the experience will be excellent!

Vivo true Bluetooth wireless stereo earphone

The vivo TWS Earphone will be released with the vivo NEX 3 5G on September 16th.

Vivo true Bluetooth wireless stereo earphone

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