Polaroid Lab Printer

Polaroid Lab Printer easy to carry annouced

Polaroid Lab Printer Introduction

Although it is now in the digital age, there are still many people who are obsessed with film. Now there are many ways to restore digital photos to film, such as importing photos into a printer and then printing them out. Recently, Polaroid has released a new printer called the Polaroid Lab, which converts digital photos in a very simple way. Just put the phone in the printer and remake it to become a film photo paper.

Polaroid Lab

It is understood that this Polaroid Lab is the latest version of the instant lab of Impossible Project seven years ago. It has a camera with three lenses inside, which can basically remake the photos on the user’s mobile phone, then it optimizes the film image and It is printed out. This printer is for iPhone 6 and most Android phones.

Polaroid Lab Printer
Polaroid Lab Printer

Charging via micro USB, one charge can last for about a month, and Polaroid Lab can use any film except SX-70. In addition, after installing the Polaroid Originals program on the mobile phone, we can modify the settings in this app, such as exposure and color correction. At present, the app is still in the test, the effect of these settings can not be displayed visually, so we do not set it after the setting. Know the actual print results.

Polaroid Lab Printer easy to carry annouced 1

In terms of price, the Polaroid Lab is expected to sell for 129.99 euros, or about 1022 yuan. If you are interested in Polaroid’s photo paper, then it should be good to come to such a printer, but it is not too small in terms of this size. It is not convenient for people who like to take photos with them.


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