Oppo Reno ACE coming with 90Hz refresh rate

OPPO Reno Ace Release Date Announced

Oppo Reno Ace

Earlier, OPPO vice president Shen Yiren revealed on Weibo; OPPO also has a new product Reno _ _ , it has _ Hz screen and _ _W SuperVOOC super flash upgrade Version. At the end of the OPPO Reno2 conference held today in china; Shen Yiren announced the answer to the fill-in-the-blank question “OPPO Reno Ace”.

According to the information given by Shen Yiren earlier, if there is no exception, the name “OPPO Reno Ace” will adopt the SuperVOOC super flash charge with 90Hz refresh rate display. This mysterious new machine will be officially released in October this year. In addition to this, the official has not disclosed more information.

From the perspective of the existing OPPO models, the OPPO SuperVOOC super flash charging technology has matured. Taking the R17 Pro as an example, the OPPO SuperVOOC super flash charging power is close to 50W. There is data showing that the charging speed of 40% can be achieved in 10 minutes under the support of this technology. From this point of view, the SuperVOOC super flash charging used by Ace is likely to be an “upgrade version” after the charging rate is further improved.

However, the official also announced that Ace will meet with you in October, so stay tuned.


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