Mi Charge Turbo Coming - Faster than wire charge 1

Mi Charge Turbo Coming – Faster than wire charge

Mi Turbo Charge

What is the charging technology in the 5G era ? Xiaomi officially announced today that MI CHARGE TURBO is coming. The Xiaomi 5G era charging new technology communication meeting will be held on September 9th to talk about the wireless future.

Mi Charge Turbo
Mi Charge Turbo

Xiaomi mobile phone officially warmed up yesterday, in the future wireless flash charging will surpass wired charging.

It is known that Xiaomi currently has a wired charging power of up to 27W, and wireless > wired, then how much W is the wireless charging power ? Now Xiaomi 9 uses a 20W wireless fast charge.

Mi wireless charger

At the launch conference of Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi also launched Xiaomi wireless car charger 20W, and 10000mAh wireless charging treasure 10W universal fast charge, which means that Xiaomi is progressing rapidly in wireless charging.

In addition, according to Xiaomi Wang Teng news, the update 20W wireless fast charge accessories in the development, the large mouse pad that supports wireless charging is already on the road, compared to some ideas of users, may be more cool, and the charging power of the wireless charging mouse pad To exceed 20W.

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