Disable MIUI System ads

Disable MIUI System ads in upcoming update

MIUI future Version will feature switch button for disabling system ads

A few days ago, a set of screenshots was sent on Weibo. The picture shows that MIUI has added a button to close all MIUI system tool advertisements. Today, this feature has been confirmed by the general manager of MIUI Experience MIUI Xiaofan.

MIUI Xiaofan revealed that in the last development version, in addition to the optimizations known to the enthusiasts, there is a special function: Xiaomi has entered a switch – a button to close all MIUI system tool ads.

Disable MIUI System ads
Disable MIUI System ads

This feature is still in the process of being improved, MIUI Xiaofan revealed that it will be spread to all supported models with the next large stable version.

The reason why this feature was introduced, MIUI Xiaofan revealed that Xiaomi heard that users did not want to see any advertisements in the system tools such as desktop, calendar, weather, etc. After repeated thoughts, this ultimate solution was provided.

In addition, some students say that they don’t like the browser’s information flow. Similarly, in the latest internal browser version of the browser advanced settings, there is a “simple version of the home page” switch, click, you get a minimalist browser.

Disable MIUI System ads


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