Meizu Flyme 8 with Aicy Assistant released

Meizu Flyme 8 with Aicy Assistant released 1

Meizu Flyme os 8 Officially Released with Aicy Assistant

The long-awaited user interface Flyme 8 was finally released at today’s 16s Pro conference, which is known as “light and spirited”. Alive Design is the new design concept of Flyme 8 integrated with Aicy Voice Assistance. The Flyme 8 uses a combination of the white line and the global sinking design. It has a new grid system, adjusting the font size, word weight, line spacing, etc. The main content is at a glance, and a new night mode is added for weather and wallpaper.

Flyme 8 User Experience

Meizu 16s Pro/Flyme 8 new product launch conference, officially said Flyme users have reached 90 million users, Flyme 8 development took 491 days, using Alive Design’s new design concept makes the experience brisk and lively.

Flyme 8 supports smart wallpaper, which is a system-level desktop wallpaper that runs through the AOD to lock screen interface. It is officially called Breaking Level, Global Dynamic Wallpaper, real-time interactive feedback, coherent and comfortable visual changes, full of life.

The Flyme 8 features a new desktop layout with a dynamic icon. 4X6’s new desktop layout, the foreground and background of the icon are completely distinguished, bringing more delicate effects to the icon. The icon center graphic is more rigorous and detailed, and the background color is more concise. Each icon can better express the meaning of the application. At the same time, the perfect icon plan 2.0 will be adapted to more third-party apps.

Flyme 8 adopts the line-free white space combined with the global sinking design, a new grid system, adjusting the font size, word weight, line spacing, etc., making the lines between the lines simple and regular, the commonly used content to optimize the position, the fingers are more accessible.

Meizu Flyme 8 also brought more dynamic effects, including list rebound, personal assistant rebound, slide notification bar, etc., as well as new fingerprint unlocking, charging, AOD animation, the official said that 300 new animations have been added. It also has new hearing and tactile feedback, claiming to have more than 1,000 design upgrades.

In terms of functions, the Flyme 8 small window mode is upgraded to 2.0, which is more efficient and easy to use. Small windows can be called out on any interface. Small window mode adds bubble notification, you can switch windows back and forth. Read the WeChat public account can also chat WeChat, parallel small window status.

This Flyme 8 game mode is upgraded to 4.0, with dark color matching, more immersive, support for blocking calls, and screen operation.

Flyme 8’s new super night scene, tripod mode upgrade to 2.0, brighter and clearer, also added self-timer super night scene mode, also supports self-timer beauty, in addition to the new backlight mode.

It also adds a fantastic AR function that creates an AR image that supports custom functions such as nose, eyebrows, and eyes, as well as customizable body parts.

In terms of security, Flyme 8 supports digital health functions, which can limit the duration of application, and the family guards the new location track record and security zone function.

Flyme 8 Aicy Assistant

Flyme 8 Aicy Assistant

Flyme 8 has added a new voice assistant aicy, which uses a floating interface to support calls, texting, shopping, and WeChat, covering 241 scenes. Aicy screen function supports more than 20 types of content recognition support, aicy overview supports global collection, aicy image supports scene recognition, automatic matching parameters, document correction. Aicy recommends giving suggestions based on user habits, such as opening a popular music app when plugging in a headset.

One Mind in Flyme 8 has been upgraded to 3.5, with 263 new optimizations, a new read/write accelerator, a 37% increase in cold start speed, and improved touch response.

Flymeb8 is open for application within 6 pm today. The matching models include a total of 27 models including Meizu 16 and the official version will be pushed in batches in November and December.



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