Oppo ENCO Q1 Noise Cancelling Headphone first look

Oppo ENCO Q1 Noise Cancelling Headphone first look 1

Oppo Official shared First Look of ENCO Q1 : Noise Cancelling Headphone

On the morning of August 19th, OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren announced on Weibo: OPPO’s first wireless noise canceling headphones will be named OPPO ENCO Q1, using 4Mic FF+FB dual active noise reduction.

OPPO official microblogging has also officially launched this neck-mounted wireless noise canceling headphones, the neck ring has a streamline curvature, the three-dimensional curve fits the neck. One-piece molding technology, no splicing gaps. Ergonomic earplugs that fit the ear canal. In terms of color, it is available in black, white and orange.

“4Mic FF+FB dual active noise reduction” means “four microphones, feedforward + feedback mixed noise reduction”. Active noise reduction is divided into feedforward (Feed Fore) noise reduction and feedback (Feed Back) noise reduction. At present, many noise canceling headphones only use FF noise reduction, and double noise reduction will be more eliminated after double “filtering” noise elimination thorough.

At present, the headset is not yet on the OPPO official website, and the time and price of the sale are unknown.

At present, Sony and BOSE’s noise-cancelling headphones dominate the market. OPPO’s self-developing noise-reducing neck-mounted headphones must focus on noise reduction and sound quality in order to highlight the encirclement, and also adjust the OPPO mobile phone. To improve the sound quality and reduce the delay is also a good selling point.


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