Redmi Tv Release Date Announced; 70 inch Giant

Redmi TV Release Date Announced

This morning, Redmi general manager Lu Weibing announced the first Internet TV of Redmi, the screen size is 70 inches, releasing on August 29.

Lu Weibing said: Redmi’s first TV, 70 inches, giant screen! TV, not only to be smart, but also big, the bigger the more shocking! Big screen great wisdom! See you on August 29!

Redmi 70 inch TV

As early as June 12, the head of the Redmi brand Lu Weibing was already tentatively asking “Do you want Redmi TV?” when forwarding the sales results of Xiaomi TV India. After that, Xiaomi TV became the first in sales in the first half of 2019. Lu Weibing asked Weibo on Weibo to give opinions and suggestions on Redmi’s TV.

At this point, the Redmi brand product line officially joined the ranks of TV, combined with the previous honor smart screen and oneplus TV, it can be seen that major mobile phone manufacturers have begun to use their existing resources to start moving like a larger screen and living room, mobile phone It is a more intimate end product, and TV is more collective and interactive.

This has clearly shown that Redmi will create an ecological circle that matches its own tonality and user base like other mobile phone brands, making the Redmi brand more independent.

The specific configuration and price information of Redmi’s first smart TV is still unclear, and everything will be announced by the official on August 29.


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