TCL XESS Smart Screen Can Change into 55-inch Mobile Phone

TCL XESS Pro Smart Screen

TCL XESS Pro Smart Screen

Two TCL XESS Smart Screen that can be turned into giant mobile phone.

At the TCL XESS Smart Screen New Product Launch Conference held on August 16th. TCL XESS Smart Screen, which is “good looking both horizontally and vertically”, was officially released. TCL XESS Smart Screen has three main features, namely Super VUI, giant screen mobile phone and AI big screen. It is the first large-screen rotating smart screen in China, which can change the giant screen mobile phone in seconds. And the visual enhancement is 100 times.

TCL XESS Smart Screen has no boot ads, and it brings a new form of interaction, from the GUI form of voice-assisted input to the new interactive revolutionary VUI (Voice Interaction), which realizes natural conversational operation. Through this form of interaction, TCL XESS intelligent screen realizes the lowest cost (efforts) interaction, the most advanced human-machine relationship, and redefines the interactive experience. TCL XESS Smart Screen also supports the mobile phone to shake, realize the automatic rotation of the AI ​​from the horizontal to the vertical of the smart screen, and erect the screen to realize the effect of the 55-inch giant screen mobile phone. In terms of interacting with the mobile phone, Smart Screen has the dual-screen function of the consonant, and can reply to the mobile phone message while watching on the big screen. When the mobile phone is shaken, you can synchronize the short video played by the mobile phone to the smart screen.

Integration with Thunderbird Technology

At the same time, TCL is committed to promoting the integration of software and hardware. TCL’s Thunderbird Technology, as a system development and content operation platform; has deep cooperation with Internet giants including Tencent to achieve complementary and synergistic advantages of multiple resources. Through extreme user experience, efficiency improvement, and business globalization, Thunderbird Technology continues to enhance its operational value in the smart TV terminal platform. Thunderbird Technology has always been in line with the group strategy. This time, Thunderbird Technology provides software system development support for TCL XESS Smart Screen, providing comprehensive support in UI vision, interaction and content.

Display and Additional Features

It adopts a 55-inch full-screen design with a screen ratio of 95.9%. When rotated into a vertical screen, the visual effect is 100 times that of a 5.5-inch mobile phone. In addition, it supports seamless switching between mobile phones and large screens, eliminating all boot and wake-up modes.

This futuristic TV is will come with 5G technology module and lifting AI camera. It adopts quad-core smart chip and Onkyo HIFI independent professional audio. It supports the connection of intelligent terminal devices such as refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, smart lock, etc. Recognition, voice recognition and other capabilities, support the perception of user identity, record personal habits; can also automatically run preset scenarios for different identities, thus achieving the Wi-Fi Internet connection.

In addition, TCL XESS also provides AI family photo albums, early morning mode, smart notes, children’s questions and answers.

Smart Screen series two new products will be available at: 3,999 yuan about 568 US Dollar for 55-inch standard version, 4,999 yuan about 710 US Dollar for 55-inch PRO version. In addition to the full version of the standard version, the high-definition PRO version has improved overall configuration, mainly including: rotating rounded screen design, equipped with dual-screen dual-core dual display, memory and storage upgrade to 3+32G, with exclusive IMAX Content, and can adapt the sound according to the horizontal and vertical screen dual mode.

This two smart screen products are expected to be listed in the fourth quarter, and will be purchased simultaneously in the online and offline channels of Jingdong, Tmall and TCL.

TCL XESS Smart Screen
TCL XESS Pro Smart Screen


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