Redmi 64 Megapixel Camera Production Video

Redmi 64 Megapixel Camera In Mass Production

Xiaomi Group Vice President, Redmi Brand General Manager Lu Weibing just exposed the factory assembly video of Redmi’s 64 megapixel four-camera mobile phone, and said that the aircraft has started mass production half a month ago, this The second stock should be able to satisfy everyone.

Redmi 64 Megapixel Teaser

Through the video given by Lu Weibing, we can see the camera arrangement of Redmi’s 64-megapixel four-camera mobile phone. There are three vertically arranged cameras in the middle, and there is a camera on the right side, which presents the overall design of “Bu”. According to the video screenshot, there is no lifting mechanical structure, and the front panel should use the water drop screen design.

Redmi 64 megapixel camera
Redmi 64 megapixel camera

It is understood that Xiaomi held the Xiaomi Future Imaging Technology Communication Conference in Beijing on August 7. Xiaomi co-founder and president Lin Bin attended the communication meeting and officially announced the 64 Megapixel ultra-clear cameras. Xiaomi’s 64 million ultra-clear camera uses Samsung’s GW1 sensor. The 64 Megapixel pixels and 48 megapixel pixels have a visible improvement in the details of the photos. The resolution is increased by 34%, the photo size is about 19MB, and the printability is2.44m*3.26m. Huge poster. It is worth noting that Redmi will launch a 64 Megapixel ultra clear camera.



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