XGimi Aurora Rs Pro, H3 And Z8X Projectors Introduction

XGimi 4K Projector

XGimi 4K Projector

XGimi Aurora Rs Pro, H3 And Z8X

The company held three conferences to launch three new smart projection products: XGimi Aurora RS Pro, H3 and Z8X. At the same time, the company officially released the X-VUE image quality engine based on the imaging characteristics of the projection technology and the iterative evolution of GMUI 3.6.

XGimi Aurora RS Pro

The Aurora RS Pro fuselage corner is designed with a metal suspension fit. Compared to the metal chamfer formed by the whole piece, the combination of line and surface gives the body a stronger three-dimensional effect. A ring of light is hidden in the seemingly tough top of the RS Pro.

Aurora RS Pro not only has a physical resolution of 4K, but also gives users a 4K quality experience in different usage scenarios. It supports 4K optical zoom, 4K ladder correction and 4K global MEMC. Optical RS Pro uses two 55mm ultra-low distortion neodymium iron boron rare earth speakers, 400CC large sound chamber, professional NBR two-way passive bass diaphragm. The Aurora RS Pro is also equipped with an X-Remote controller that allows you to control music playback from anywhere in your home.

XGimi Aurora Rs Pro

XGimi H3

The brightness of the H3 is up to 1900 ANSI lumens, a 40% increase over the previous generation. In addition, the rice has developed a unique sand lizard cooling system. The system consists of separate heat dissipation and precise heat dissipation. The sand lizard cooling system increases the brightness of H3 by 40% and controls the noise below 28dB under the premise that the volume of the whole machine is basically the same.

The user turns on the H3 and does not need any operation. The screen is automatically focused to clear within 1 second. No adjustment is required. Whether it is tilted up and down, tilted left or right, or tilted back and forth, the screen can automatically adjust the square. All of this is due to the unique eagle-eye perception system. The Hawkeye Perception System consists of a TOF laser and a CMOS lens,and integrates the powerful AI image processing algorithm. The TOF laser can acquire the distance between the machine and the projected image in milliseconds, and the focus is fast, and the focusing accuracy is 95%. The CMOS lens can obtain the image information and spatial information more accurately through global image analysis, and the final 5% accuracy is achieved. Adjust to give the user the clearest picture.

XGimi H3

XGimi Z8X

The brightness of the Z8X is up to 1200 ANSI lumens, which is 60% higher than that of the previous generation. The sound system is built by Harman/kardon, and the volume of the sound cavity is increased by 350%. Compared with the previous generation, the Z8X has a 260% increase in focus speed and a 350% increase in boot speed. . It is also equipped with full-screen autofocus, four-way keystone correction, global MEMC, HDR10 decoding and other functions that have only appeared on the flagship projection of the pole meters.

XGimi Z8X

Aurora RS Pro is priced at 8999 yuan, H3 is priced at 4,999 yuan, and Z8X is priced at 3,999 yuan. The three products will be available for sale from 0:00 on August 14.


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