Meizu 16s Pro Conference date Announced

Meizu 16s Pro release date

Meizu 16s Pro release date

Meizu 16s Pro official announcement: See you in Zhuhai

Meizu Technology has announced that it will host the Meizu 16s Pro flagship mobile phone conference on August 28, IT House has also received an invitation from Meizu official, this conference will be in Zhuhai The theater is held at 14:30 on August 28th.

Meizu’s invitation to the press conference has always been a “ghost”, such as the previous “brick”, beef and then the nearest Libra weight, etc. The invitation of Meizu 16s Pro is also full of creativity. After opening the envelope, it is A Meizu newspaper, the front is the Meizu headline. And text is, “The public opinion is like a flood, the news is like a sword; it is true and false, and it is good and evil. We don’t want to be silent, we don’t want to argue. We just want to let the product speak.”

Meizu 16s Pro Invitation

Before of this conference, 16s Pro mobile phone, there have been a lot of information on the Internet. The Meizu mobile phone with model M973Q has obtained the radio transmission model approval and 3C certification, and the standard 24W charging head. On the whole, it still adopts the Meizu 16 family-style bangs-free symmetrical full-screen design. In terms of core configuration, the aircraft is expected to be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, and the rear camera will be upgraded to 48MP. The combination of +20MP+16MP adds a 16MP super wide-angle lens to the previous generation.

In addition, the long-rumored Flyme 8 is also expected to be unveiled in this conference.


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