Sony SRS-XB402G and SRS-XB402M Smart Speker Introduction

Powered by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant sony Release Sony SRS-XB402M and SRS-XB402G

Sony, enjoy the sense of reality, such as the heavy bass and venue of the powerful sounds that over a wide range. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and EXTRA BASS (Extra base) corresponding to the connection with Google Assistant equipped with a series of “SRS-XB402G” and “SRS-XB402M” with Alexa will be released.

“SRS-XB402G” and “SRS-XB402M” both have two passive radiators and openings that enhance the low range. In addition arranging two full-range speaker units with a diameter of about 53mm at an angle. The grille frame provides a powerful bass sound that resonates over a wide area. In addition to activating the “Live Sound” mode that effectively spreads the reverberation, cheering, and applause recorded in the music with a single button on the main unit, it also has a strobe flash that boosts the space and a multi-color triple line light. It is.
Furthermore, “SRS-XB402G” is Google Assistant, and “SRS-XB402M” is the first Sony smart speaker with Amazon Alexa. When connected via Wi-Fi, you can play and listen to your favorite music from a music distribution service by simply speaking, and you can get information such as news and control compatible TVs, audio devices, and IoT devices.

In addition, both models are compatible with IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance and rust -proof performance, and have a built-in battery that can play up to 12 hours. It can be used not only for baths and kitchens but also for various outdoor scenes such as barbecues, beaches, and beaches.

Main features of SRS-XB402G and SRS-XB402M

Powerful bass that resonates over a wide area and “live sound” mode, you can enjoy realism like a live venue with lighting

The two full-range speaker units with a diameter of about 53mm use a foamed mica, which is also used in the top models of Sony’s audio equipment for the diaphragm, and a newly developed hybrid material for the edge to achieve heavy bass. In addition, each unit is placed at an angle so that the sound will resonate over a wide area. The mounting one passive radiator on the front and back to enhance the low frequency, a grill frame with a wide opening is also used to make clear and powerful sound easier to spread.

Sony SRS-XB402G Top

You can activate the “Live Sound” mode from the buttons on the main unit, which effectively spreads the reverberation, cheers, and applause recorded in the music vertically and horizontally through the digital signal processing to realize a wider sound field. You can enjoy a realistic feeling as if you were in a live venue with a strobe flash that shines in time with the song and a multi-color triple line light that changes automatically.

Voice only in easy music playback, information acquisition and control corresponding IoT equipment Operation

SRS-XB402G has Google Assistant, and “SRS-XB402M” has Amazon Alexa. You can easily use the following functions by simply giving a voice command when connecting to Wi-Fi.

Music playback
You can use a specific music distribution service such as Google Play Music (SRS-XB402G only), Amazon Music (SRS-XB402M only), Spotify , Uta Pass, You can play playlist music according to your mood.

Information reading and schedule management

SRS-XB402G” is a variety of services provided by Google, and “SRS-XB402M” is a variety of services provided by Alexa and skills that you set, and you can read out information such as weather and news. You can also manage schedules and set alarms and timers.

Control of compatible devices

You can control TVs, audio devices, IoT devices, etc.

IP67 waterproof / dustproof performance and built-in battery

The IP67 waterproof and dustproof performance, it is rust-proof and rust-resistant, so it can be used not only for baths and kitchens, but also for camping and barbecue, as well as for beaches and beaches. When dirty, it can be washed with water. It also has a built-in battery that can play up to 12 hours, so you can take it where you want to enjoy music.


Speaker part :
Speaker used – Diameter approximately 53mm (full range) x 2
Enclosure method – Passive radiator method
Amplifier section – Maximum practical output – 50W (25W + 25W)


Communication method – Bluetooth standard version 4.2
Output – Bluetooth standard Power Class1
Line-of-sight distance – About 30m
Frequency band used – 2.4GHz band
Modulation method – FHSS
Supported profiles – A2DP, AVRCP
Supported codec – SBC / AAC
Supported content protection – SCMS-T method
Transmission band – (A2DP)20Hz-20000Hz (at 44.1kHz sampling)

Other Functions

Wi-Fi – Yes ( IEEE802.11 a / b / g / n )
Clear Audio+ – Yes
Microphone – Yes ( MEMS type, omnidirectional )

Power Supply – lithium Ion battery
Charging – AC adapter / micro USB
AC Power Consumption – About 15w
Battery life – Approximately 12 hours (Standard mode) / Approximately 11 hours (EXTRABASS mode)

Maximum external dimensions (width x height x depth) – Approximately 143mm * 195mm * 122mm

Weight – 1.5kg.

Price – 27000 yen ( 18000₹ INR / 254 US dollar )


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