Honor Wisdom Screen Experience Video: leaks details

Honor Wisdom Screen Experience

Honor in Beijing Today Art Museum, Honor Life Chengdu store and Kunming store invited hundreds of citizen friends to experience the Honor wisdom screen first. And the 100 citizen friends also first experienced the legendary Honor wisdom screen.

Experience Video ( Reuploaded for better experience)

In the video shared by Honor officially, “accidents” leaked a few pictures with huge amounts of information, which caused many netizens to speculate.

Honor wisdom screen

As you can see in the screenshot, the picture in the mobile phone can be projected onto the big screen behind it. If nothing unexpected, this big screen is the Honor smart screen itself. Although the function of the mobile phone screen sharing is already very common, the Honor wisdom screen will be use. What kind of screen is it?

Honor wisdom screen remote control

The picture above seems to tell us the answer. the Honor phone seems to be connected by a device that is close to the shape of a remote control. Previously, the Honor MagicBook upgrade the Huawei Share function, through a touch can transfer the pictures, videos and other information in the phone to the computer, and the following information seems to imply that the Honor smart screen also supports this function. But from now on The information to judge, the Honor wisdom screen is not so simple.

It’s More than smart screen

It is worth mentioning that the official Honor has pre-heated the “screen world” function, we guess, through NFC and other technologies, Honor smart screen will achieve seamless connection between tablet, smart screen, mobile phone.

Honor wisdom screen

In the picture above, the citizen friend made a gesture of pinching, which seems to imply that the Honor wisdom screen is very thin.

According to previous reports, there will be two versions of the upcoming Honor Smart Screen, which are 55-inch and 55-inch Pro versions. Both versions are equipped with Haisihong 818 smart chip, built-in Huawei AI quality engine, and 7-color quality. Optimization algorithm, support dynamic image quality compensation, high dynamic range imaging, super-division algorithm, noise reduction algorithm, dynamic contrast enhancement, intelligent precision color correction, partition control light control.

It also uses a lifting AI camera, HiSilicon NPU chip blessing, not only has powerful video communication capabilities, but also more features are worth looking forward to. In addition, there is no advertisement for the Honor smart screen boot.

Honor official has announced that the Honor wisdom screen will be officially releasing on August 10.

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