Xiaomi New Patent Phone With Solar Panel: Hold Future Imaging Technology Communication

Xiaomi Solar panel phone patent

Xiaomi Solar panel phone patent

Xiaomi New Solar Panel patent and Future Imaging Technology Communication

Today, Weibo digital bloggers to send out an invitation letter for Xiaomi’s future imaging technology communication meeting. The invitation will show that Xiaomi will hold the event on August 7. It is worth noting that Realme previously stated that it will show 64 megapixel pixel four-shot technology in India on August 8.

Xiaomi Future Imaging Technology Communication

At present, Xiaomi officially did not clearly indicate what the content of the “Future Image Technology Communication Conference” is. However, in conjunction with Xiaomi’s previous warm-up, this communication may announce products related to the 64 megapixel sensor.

It is understood that the current 64-megapixel sensor is only Samsung’s ISOCELL Bright GW1. Through pixel-combined Tetracell technology and re-picking algorithm, GW1 can generate bright 16Mp images in low light environment and 64Mp images in brighter environments. The GW1 is equipped with dual conversion gain (DCG). The high-performance phase-detection autofocus technology Super PD provides clearer images and supports full HD recording at 480 frames per second (fps).

Xiaomi Solar panel phone patent

At same time, Foreign media Letsgodigital reported that Xiaomi’s new design patent exposure, the front of the phone is a full screen, with a solar cell at the back.

According to Letsgodigital , Xiaomi releases a large number of smart phones every year, from Android One smartphones to high-end smartphones to game phones; currently, major manufacturers are also innovating in different directions.

It is understood that as early as July 27, 2018, Xiaomi Company applied to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for a design patent, a smart phone equipped with solar panels.

According to the patent sketch, the front of the phone has a full screen design, no punching or water drop screen; the width of the four sides looks the same, if you look at the front, this phone is nothing special. At the rear of the phone, we can see that there is a large solar panel covering more than half of the back of the phone; from the side, the addition of solar panels does not make the phone very thick. In addition, the rear uses a vertical arrangement of double-shot, there is a flash in the middle; in the rear of the phone we do not see the fingerprint sensor, the foreign media said it may be equipped with the screen fingerprint.

It is understood that LG has previously released a mobile phone with a solar battery; the phone is charged in the sun for 10 minutes, and can be called for about 2 minutes.

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