Nubia Red Magic 3 Steel Gun Limited Edition

Nubia Red Magic 3 Steel Gun Limited Edition

According to the official news of the Red magic mobile phone, Nubia displayed the Red magic 3 “Steel Gun Limited Edition” on this ChinaJoy; with mobile phones, mobile power and e-sports box.

Nubia Red Magic 3 Steel Gun Limited Edition

It is understood that the Nubia Red Devils 3 “Steel Gun Limited Edition” includes Red Devils 3 mobile phone camouflage color matching, mobile power supply, dual slide protection sleeve and e-sports magic box and other products. Appearance, this phone has a total of four colors of iron black, red flame red, battlefield camouflage and red and blue competitive version. Red magic 3 with Red Magic Logo Light – Red Devil’s Eye, with 16.8 million colors of colorful lights, support for custom editing.

Red Magic 3 is equipped with Snapdragon 855 processor, battery capacity reaches 5000mAh; DC dimming AMOLED screen, screen refresh rate of 90HZ, HDR visual effects, built-in active fan cooling, according to the official introduction, its fan speed can reach 14000 per minute turn.

Red Magic 3 Camera

In terms of photography, the Red Magic 3 is equipped with a 48-megapixel camera, equipped with a Sony IMX 586 CMOS and a front-mounted 16-megapixel camera. Red magic 3 also supports 1920FPS super slow motion shooting, as well as 8K resolution video recording. At present, the official has not announced the price of the suit.


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