Nubia announced Super Night Scene of Z20

Nubia Z20 camera sample released night scene

Nubia Z20 camera sample

Nubia Z20 super night scene

Nubia will hold a Nubia Z20 new product launch conference with the theme of “To Image” on August 8th in Beijing, and Ni Fei, the co-founder of Nubia, just released a Weibo showed us the Nubia Z20’s Super Night Scene mode. Ni Fei said, “When the super night scene mode is turned on, is there a feeling that the night is lit up?”

Night Scene Off

Nubia Z20 Night Scene off Camera Sample

While Scene Night On

Nubia Z20 Night Scene On Camera Sample

From the above night camera sample of Z20, picture quality is excellent. After the super night scene is turned on, the brightness of the captured image is improved, showing more details and the processing of the sky and the river is also in place.

Earlier Reports

It is understood that as early as a few days ago, Weibo had exposed the front of the Nubia Z20 mobile phone; it can be seen that it has a high proportion of high screen and no front camera is found. The blogger also said that the Nubia Z20 will adopt a dual screen design of the main screen and the secondary screen. Previously, Ni Fei, president of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd., the co-founder of Nubia brand, said that the flagship mobile phone of the king-level photography should be as strong as the front and rear cameras; the posters also suggested that the Nubia Z20 will be the top performer in Camera capabilities.

Nubia Z20 will be officially release on August 8th. See also camera sample earlier released by official and leaked front side of device. According to nubia branding in china also confirm dual screen 5G phone using a sensational flexible display like we see in sci – fi movie.

Nubia Z20 will be comes with many anticipated features, what else nubia has show in conference is srill mistry.


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