Nubia Z20 Come with 8K Video and Flexible Screen

Nubia Z20 8K Video recording and sci-fi Flexible Screen

Global Mobile Internet Conference – GMIC 2019 is being held in Guangzhou, Nubia President Ni Fei was invited to participate in the “Unlimited War – Giant Screen to Palm” theme forum, the audience revealed about 2019 new products The flagship Nubia Z20 is equipped with the latest technology like 8k video recording and flexible Screen.

Nubia Z20 GMIC

Ni Fei believes that the core of the development trend of large, medium and small screens is the content and production tools of video creators. Mobile terminals are increasingly being used as production tools by video creators, and extreme video and professional video are the best areas of Nubia. For the first time, Ni Fei announced the most anticipated function of the Nubia Z20 – the industry’s first 8K video recording , said it “has a radio and television professional video function.”

In addition, Ni Fei said that the surprise of the Nubia Z20 is not limited to this. The flagship of this photography will also adopt the flexible screen technology with sci-fi sensation . The new screen technology and display form will undoubtedly show unlimited possibilities for future mobile phone image creation.

Nubia will hold a Nubia Z20 new product launch conference with the theme of “To Image” on August 8th in Beijing. Before Ni Fei microblogging po, two Nubia Z20 zoom real shots, showing the Z20 Zoom capability. As we are seeing in below photography of nubia Z20, Z20 is capable of capturing long distance pictures with details.

Nubia Z20 Zoom Capability


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