Honor Wisdom Screen equipped with pop-up camera and hai sihong 818 Chip

Honor Wisdom Screen Official Announcement

Last week, Honor wisdom screen officially announced that when everyone expected it at the Huawei developer conference at the beginning of next month. On July 26, at the 2019 Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) held in Guangzhou, Honor president Zhao Ming published a name. He gave a keynote speech on “The Wind and the Grass” and revealed more information about the honor Smart Screen.

Zhao Ming said that the honor wisdom screen will be launched by Hai Sihong 818 smart chip, which is the first time that the series of chips meets with the public. As the latest flagship display chip of Hi-Silicon, the chip has a large sound quality, image quality and computing power and optimization.

Honor wisdom screen processor

The Hongjun 818 chip is equipped with a magic image quality engine, through dynamic image compensation (MEMC), high dynamic range imaging (HDR), super-division algorithm (SR), noise reduction algorithm (NR), dynamic contrast enhancement (DCI), automatic color management ( 7 quality technologies, such as ACM) and zoning control (LD), improve picture clarity, contrast, color performance, etc.

Honor wisdom screen

In addition, Hongjun 818 smart chip supports 8K@30fps, 4K2120fps video decoding capability, supports 64 megapixel image decoding, and is equipped with multi-tasking memory access scheduling technology to accelerate application response and running speed. Integrated with Histen sound quality optimization technology, support for automatic volume adjustment, etc. Zhao Ming said that the chip not only supports the honor of smart screen products, but also will help accelerate the development of the television industry. Therefore, whether this chip will be open to other manufacturers is worth everyone’s expectations.

Honor Wisdom Screen Camera

In addition, the honor smart screen will also be equipped with a lifting AI camera, which needs to be automatically raised when working, without affecting the screen ratio and aesthetics of the TV. It is equipped with an independent Hi-Silicon NPU chip, which has the functions of face recognition, etc. There will be more new experiences as well as video calls.

Honor wisdom screen

Zhao Ming also said in the speech that the honor wisdom screen will officially open the appointment, the product will be officially unveiled at the Huawei Developers Conference in early August, and introduce more technologies and functions in detail.

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