Nubia z20 release date

Nubia flagship Z20, annual Product launch date Announced

Nubia Z20

Nubia official announced that it will release the annual flagship model Z20 in Beijing on August 8th and will held in Beijing.

The slogan of this conference is “to the image”. In combination with the previous official warm-up, the Nubian Z20 should have a lot of attention in this photo.

Nubia z20 release date
Nubia z20 release date

Ni Fei, the president of Nubia, once revealed on Weibo that in addition to retaining the industry’s top post-shooting capabilities, the new Z20 will also bring the pre-shooting strength “may” to be the world’s strongest flagship mobile phone. Whether it’s taking pictures, shooting people, daytime shooting, night shooting, and self-timer, it’s just as easy to deal with different application scenarios.

From the previously released z20 camera sample, the new machine may be equipped with rear three shots, including wide-angle, super wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

Overall, the color of the proofs is very good, and the true color is restored with great attention while pleasing the eye.