Redmi's 64 megapixel camera sample

First Redmi’s 64 Megapixel Camera Sample out Now

Redmi’s 64 Megapixel Camera Sample

Yesterday evening, Xiaomi Group vice president, Redmi brand general manager Lu Weibing said that tomorrow at 10 am, will show some future product information.

Just now, Redmi officially announced Redmi’s first 64 megapixel camera sample at 10:00, and said that “every detail is complete, the mobile phone officially entered the 64 million pixel era.”

Redmi 64 Megapixel Camera Sample

Redmi 64 Megapixel Camera Sample

Xiaomi Science and Technology Park under Redmi’s 64 megapixel lens photo updated by Lu Weibing.

Redmi 64 Megapixel Camera Sample

Redmi 64 Megapixel Camera Sample

It is understood that Samsung’s 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1 is the only sensor on the market with 64 million pixels. The ISOCELL Bright GW1 is a 64Mp image sensor that is the highest resolution in the lineup of Samsung’s 0.8μm pixel image sensor. Through pixel-combined Tetracell technology and re-picking algorithm, GW1 can generate bright 16Mp images in low light environments and 64Mp images in brighter environments. The GW1 is equipped with dual conversion gain (DCG). The high-performance phase-detection autofocus technology Super PD provides clearer images and supports full HD recording at 480 frames per second (fps).

As earlier official announcement from realme that they have 64 megapixel camera phone in future production lineup and also released sample of it.

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