Xiaomi Mechanical Watch T Series by Ciga Design: 360 degree Transparent

Xiaomi Mechanical Watch T Series

Xiaomi Mechanical Watch T Series

Xiaomi Ciga Design Mechanical Watch T Series: 360 Degree Transparent – No Screw

The watches that have been always been popular among young people. Not only are the prices very close to the people, but the design of the watches has always had a distinctive design perspective. In order to continue the positioning of the watch with simple atmosphere and fashion accessories, this time, a new product “Mechanical Watch T Series” was launched. The most surprising thing is that this time, 360 degree transparent black technology is adopted.

Xiaomi Mechanical Watch T Series Official Introduction

Let me talk about the “360 degree transparent black technology” of the mechanical watch T series. Compared with the previous box design, the difference is that the mechanical movement is placed in the transparent circular case, thus realizing the sense of science and technology. Combined with fashion, it fully displays the movement and at the same time more intuitively feels the charm brought by mechanical art. It can be seen that this new look has a deadly appeal.

Xiaomi Mechanical Watch T Series

Before we get to know more about the best mechanical watch T series, let us first look at what kind of brand CIGA Design is. Walking on the street, we can see many young people wearing watches from CIGA Design. CIGA Design not only captured the visual pursuit of young people, but also won a German iF product design gold award, two German national design awards, and eight German red dot design awards.

Xiaomi Mechanical Watch T Series

The design of the mechanical watch T series uses an integrated case, without a screw, so that you really feel the mechanical beauty. In addition, the mechanical structure is also very precise. In the movement of only one dollar coin size, 94 parts are all contained in it, so that you can really feel every part of the beating. Even the back of the watch is transparent design.

The weight is also the pursuit of lightness, only 39 grams, so that you not only enjoy the texture of the design, but also let you wear a light and wear a sense of sight. In addition, the material is not too ambiguous, using the TR90, 245-degree high temperature integrated molding, has a high permeability, not easy to scratch, high toughness, high temperature and long-term discoloration.

Xiaomi Mechanical Watch T Series Red and Black

In order to make it more comfortable to wear, the silicone strap is used, which is soft and elastic. The treatment of the strap is also very careful, with the original bump design, can play the role of sweat and breath, even if the summer sweats, long-term wear will not make you feel a little discomfort. In addition, it also supports 30 meters waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about wearing your hands every day.

From the above brief introduction, we can see that the mechanical watch·T series is as carefully as ever in terms of design and details. In particular, the 360-degree transparent black technology allows you to view every part of the machine from the inside out. Of course, other highlights are also worth mentioning. For example, 39g light texture, suspended movement, PVD diamond coating, TR90 high permeability material, can be seen that it will not make you feel cheap at the price of people, but it will make people feel One bright.

Xiaomi Mechanical Watch T Series

Xiaomi Ciga Design Mechanical Watch Price

Currently on the line Xiaomi crowdfunding, Mechanical T Series watch at 499 yuan (around 72$) for those who crowdfunding for it. For others it will be cost at 699 yuan ( Around 101$ ).

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