Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Version adapts Dual Wi-fi Acceleration Technology

ColorOS 6 : Dual Wi-fi Acceleration starting with Reno 10x Zoom

Earlier today, iQOO product manager Ge Lan V broke the news of a new black technology – “double Wi-Fi acceleration.” In the afternoon, ColorOS officially announced that the ColorOS 6 “Dual Wi-Fi Network Acceleration” feature now supports the Reno 10x zoom version.

Oppo Dual Wi-fi Acceleration live Demo

According to the official introduction report, “double Wi-Fi network acceleration” refers to the use of DBS/DBDC chip capabilities, allowing the phone to connect two Wi-Fi Internet access at the same time, intelligent network speed multiplier, bid farewell to WI-FI Caton, and make the Internet more smooth.

Oppo Dual Wi-fi Acceleration live Demo
Oppo Dual Wi-fi Acceleration live Demo

Dual Wi-Fi acceleration has the following features:

• A 2.4 G hotspot, a 5G hotspot, no interference in different frequency bands, and can send and receive data independently in parallel;

• Two 2.4G co-channel hotspots, or two 5G co-channel hotspots, time-division multiplexed channel transceiving data (TBD);

• Two hotspots can be the same SSID (Wi-Fi name) or two different SSIDs, such as Wi-Fi A and WI-FI B;

• Two hotspots can be the same router device, such as two hotspots on a dual-band router at home; or two different router devices.

At present, most of the dual Wi-Fi concepts on the market still stay in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual channels. “Specially, you can support these two channels, instead of allowing two channels to be connected at the same time.” The ColorOS 6 dual Wi-Fi connects two different hotspots at the same time, establishes two WiFi channels, and uses the two routes to access the Internet through policy routing and link aggregation/spunting technology to achieve network speed multiplication and seamless network switching.

Reduce the user’s cost of use, and more intelligently determine the scenario where dual Wi-Fi needs to be activated. At this stage, there are mainly two scenarios, which will activate the dual Wi-Fi function:

First, the network is poor. The network speed is less than 200KB/s, and the network delay is too large;

Second, the download speed is slow. For example, the network has been consistently between 500KB/s and 1MB/s.

Users who want to experience dual Wi-Fi network acceleration can go to the ColorOS community to download the installation package.

Adaptation risk description:

1. Be sure to confirm that your model is OPPO Reno 10x zoom. Currently, only this model supports dual Wi-Fi network acceleration function adaptation;

2, the adaptation process will clear your phone data, so be sure to ensure that you have backed up the phone data (mobile backup tutorial) before adapting;

3. The dual Wi-Fi network acceleration function is only an early adopter version;

How to adapt the ColorOS 6 “Dual Wi-Fi Network Acceleration” function?

Backup 1. Confirm your model is OPPO Reno 10x zoom version and back up your phone data: Settings – Other Settings – Backup & Restore – New Backup;

Copy 2. After the backup is complete, the file is located in the phone storage root directory -backup folder, please copy the file to a computer or other storage device to save.

Download 3. Download the dual Wi-Fi network firmware package and copy the upgrade firmware package to the phone storage directory;

Installation 4. After the phone is turned off, press and hold the “Power button” and “Volume down button” to enter the Recovery mode, select the installation upgrade file, find the corresponding upgrade firmware package, click “Install” to upgrade;

Success 5. Do not operate the mobile phone during the upgrade process. After the upgrade is completed, the “Installation Successful” box will pop up. Click the “Restart” button to restart the ColorOS 6 “Dual Wi-Fi Network Acceleration” function.

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