Nubia Z20 Camera Sample – the industry’s top post-shooting capability – Ni Fei

Nubia Z20 Camera Sample

Nubia Z20 Camera Sample

At the beginning of this month, Ni Fei, the president of Nubia, Announced on Weibo that the new Z20 will be released soon. And this will be a product that focuses on photography and has “the industry’s top post-shooting capability”.

Yesterday evening, Nubia brand co-founder and brand director willwong Wang Hui announced a set of nubia Z20 camera sample on Weibo. Let’s take a look.

Nubia Z20 Camera Sample

From his description, the sample is taken in Chile, and the content is mainly based on natural scenery, and also contains some animals and plants.

Overall, the color of the camera sample is very good, and the true color is restored with great attention while pleasing the eye. Images are sharp and clear and details are very good.

Subsequently, Ni Fei, the president of Nubia, revealed on the Weibo and the author that the nubia Z20 will be released soon, so you may wish to look forward to it in advance.


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