Lenovo AIO520X All-in-one PC: 97 % Scree-Body Ratio

Lenovo AIO520X

Lenovo has released the AIO520X high-end all in one pc, 23.8-inch 1080p screen, equipped with i5-9400T or i7-9700T, the base supports wireless charging, the price is 7499 yuan and 9999 yuan.

The Lenovo AIO520X is stunning in appearance, with a 4-sided narrow bezel design that accounts for 97% of the screen. The screen size is 23.8 inches, 1080p resolution, 100% sRGB color gamut.

Lenovo AIO520X all-in-one PC | Lenovo AIO 520 X Promotional Video

In the first half of this year, when Lenovo released the integrated machine, charging is not included in. Now Lenovo has implemented this function in the AIO520X. The base comes with a 15 watt wireless charging function. In addition, there is a 5W subwoofer on the base, which can be combined with two 3 watt speakers at the bottom of the screen to form 2.1 channels.

Lenovo AIO520X

In terms of performance, the AIO520X is equipped with a dedicated T-series processor with 8GB of memory and a Radeon R540X.

In general, this one-piece machine looks good, performance office is more than enough, wireless charging praise.


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