Hisense U9 world’s first Multi-Screen 4K TV Launched

Hisense U9

Hisense U9 Multi-Screen 65 inch 4K TV

Hisense released the world’s first multi-screen TV Hisense U9 in Beijing. The biggest highlight of this TV is the use of a new display scheme for the upper and lower LCD panel overlay screens, which has significantly improved the color, contrast and other parameters.

Hisense U9 Promotional Video

Wang Wei, general manager of Hisense Electric Marketing Co., pointed out at the press conference that Hisense has already achieved a comprehensive leading position in TV picture quality technology, whether it is a large-screen replacement laser TV, or a high-end market ULED, OLED, and 44.5 million users. The VIDAA platform has achieved the best in the industry. In the core chip field of color TV, Hisense has a 14-year history of core making. This year, it is a heavy loyalty to build SOC chips and AI chips, firmly grasping the initiative to define its own original products. This is the key to Hisense’s strong lead in the high-end big-screen market represented by laser TV and 65+.

Hisense U9 Multi-Screen 65 inch 4K TV

The Hisense U9 star-studded multi-screen TV released today is currently only 65 inches in one version with a resolution of 4K. The Hisense U9 is equipped with 5 self-developing cores to manage different functions. At the same time, the Hisense U9 has 4GB of running memory and 64GB of storage space, which is basically suitable for daily use.

Hisense U9 Multi-Screen 65 inch 4K TV

The “folding screen” display scheme of Hisense U9 is not the “folding screen” of the fire in the previous period. Hisense U9 divides the liquid crystal display panel into an image layer, a light control layer and a backlight layer. The image layer is in charge of color, and the light control layer screen is black and white, which supervises the fine adjustment of the brightness of the picture.

At the same time, Hisense U9 also uses HDR technology to enhance the brightness of the picture, and color saturation, to achieve brighter areas, darker places and darker areas. The black part is closer to the screen of the OLED material, and the brightness will exceed the OLED TV. Hisense official said that the contrast ratio is 10 times higher than that of ordinary TV, and it can achieve ultra-high contrast ratio of 150,000:1, and the viewing angle reaches 178 degrees.

Hisense U9’s stacked screen technology can also effectively reduce the “light leakage” phenomenon of ordinary LCD screens, so that the dark field brightness index reaches the level of the OLED screen. The Hisense U9’s stacked screen technology has no concerns about burn-in and afterimages, and consumes less power.

In terms of selling price, Hisense U9 65-inch star-studded TV screen is priced at 17,999 yuan, and Hisense will also launch 55-inch and 75-inch multi-screen TV products next year.

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