Nubia Z20 - Personality Flagship

Nubia Z20 – Personality Flagship is on the Way

Nubia Z20 – Personality Flagship

Recently, Ni Fei, president of Nubia Technology Co., Ltd. revealed on Weibo that it will bring a king-level photography flagship mobile phone, and the front and rear cameras have excellent performance.

Nubia Z20 Solar Eclipse Shot

Nubia Z20
Nubia Z20
Nubia Z20
Nubia Z20

Not surprisingly, this model is the next generation of Nubia flagship. According to Ni Fei’s Weibo, the next flagship is named Z20, and slogan is the “personality flagship”.

On July 1st, Ni Fei Weibo sent a message, why is: mobile photography is the DNA that Nubia is born with? In the article, I will explain what the camera flagship phone should look like. The flagship mobile phone of the king-level photography should be as powerful as the front and rear cameras. Whether it is shooting landscapes, shooting people, daytime shooting, night shooting, self-timer… all are equally good, easy to deal with different application scenarios.

As for more information about the aircraft, it has not yet been announced. It can be guessed that it is equipped with the Snapdragon 855 chip, and the Red Devils 3 of Nubia has announced a price cut, perhaps for the machine to give in.


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