Xiaomi CC9 will support MiMoji with Magic Change Function

Xiaomi CC9 MiMoji

Xiaomi CC9 MiMoji

Xiaomi CC9 MiMoji

Xiaomi official said that Xiaomi CC9 will join the Mimoji function, and support Xiaomi self-developed function “magic change.”

It is reported that the Mimoji function added to the camera will provide 165 different styles of hairstyles, faces and accessories. Mimoji was first released in the transparent exploration version of Xiaomi 8 that supports 3D structured light.

MI MiMOJI Also Support Short Videos

In addition, Xiaomi CC9 also added the “magic change to heaven” function in the camera. Xiaomi official said that the magical change is the function of Xiaomi brain self-research, which can accurately analyze the edge, foreground and vision of the object, and achieve natural change. effect.

According to the previous exposure information, Xiaomi CC9 will adopt the water drop screen design, equipped with Snapdragon 712 processor, front 32 megapixel camera, rear Sony 48 megapixel three camera, equipped with 4000mAh battery, the frame is metal-like.

Xiaomi CC9 will be officially released at 7:00 pm on July 2 in Beijing “Water Cube”. At that time, Xiaomi CC series will release two mobile phones, one is called Xiaomi CC9, and the other is called Xiaomi CC9 Mito customized version. Codenamed Little Prince and Little Fairy.

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